Trip to Media, PA and all over — NJ, DE, MD, D.C. (and by accident VA)

Joan and I are finally on our trip back East! Finally we got our schedules coordinated and made it all the way out here to visit her friends Gary and Sharyl. We’re staying at their home in Media, PA — a cute two-story house in a little town full of trees and flowers. I’ve been taking pictures with Gary’s digital camera whenever I can and you can find most of them here: (new central link to access both formats)

Enjoy the pics! There’s more to come as we take more along the way (Washington, D.C., on Friday, Jim Thorpe on Saturday). Check back to the link above for updates as we get to the end of the week (flying back via Frontier Airlines on Sunday).


Update (10/16/05): We’re back and all the pictures are available now. There are two formats: one shows the “best of” with a summary and short descriptions for some of the them; the second is a complete online album of ALL the pictures but without any summaries or descriptions. Also, the pictures are now scaled down and are “dialup friendly” so it won’t take forever to load if you’ve got a slow connection!

Back from Oslo, Norway

In case you didn’t hear, I just returned from an exciting vacation in Norway and I created a separate Blog to record my adventure. It’s a work-in-progress but if you’re curious you can check out what I’ve jotted down so far:

Nine Days in Norway blog
The Pictures! gallery